Storage in Delray Beach

Effective Storage Solutions

It is important to choose the right storage option that best fits your needs when planning to move and store your belongings, a team that specializing in antiques can come in handy. Self storage works best for customers that will need frequent access to their belongings and furniture. When choosing a self storage facility and storage unit size, here are a few things to remember. The larger the storage unit, the cheaper the price is per square foot usually. If you are planning on sorting through your items once in storage and randomly pulling certain pieces and items out, it is better to choose a larger unit so you have room to stack your belongings on each side and still access certain pieces and boxes without having to unload your whole unit. Make sure you rent a climate controlled unit if you are storing valuable items.

Portable storage units are a good option if you have portions of your shipment going to different locations, or you need to separate furniture by short term and long term, or if you want to eliminate the extra handling and cost of your handling your furniture twice.

Our storage consultants can assist you in choosing any storage option and planning for your move.